《IP6和肌醇的过去现在以及未来》 ——A.K.M. 山姆苏丁教授

2017年11月5日 09:00



A.K.M 山姆苏丁:美国马里兰大学医学院病理学教授。


《IP6 & Inositol Past, Present and Future》

AbulKalam M. Shamsuddin
Professor of Pathology
The University of Maryland School of Medicine USA

Inositol and inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) are ubiquitous, abundantly present in cereals and legumes, and within mammalian cells wherein IP6 is important in regulating vital cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell proliferation and differentiation. Since the discovery of IP6 back in the 1850s, its reputation had enjoyed a rollercoaster ride. Following a period of infamy for 'causing mineral deficiency', it had established itself as a strong antioxidant; and since the late 1980s as an immune-booster and anticancer agent. 

A strikingly consistent and reproducible anticancer action of IP6 has been demonstrated in various experimental models of cancer including metastatic and transplantable tumors; Inositol acts synergistically to enhance this action. Recent studies demonstrate protection against radiation damage by IP6 & inositol. Preliminary studies in humans show that IP6 + inositol enhance the anticancer effect of conventional chemotherapy, control cancer metastases, and improve quality of life. IP6 also stimulates insulin secretion from pancreatic β cells, prevents pathological calcification and kidney stone formation, lower elevated serum cholesterol, and reduce pathological platelet activity; inositol prevents complications of diabetes mellitus. IP6 + inositol therefore offers numerous health benefits, including cancer prevention and therapy. Additionally, IP6 has many industrial applications, besides those involving nanotechnology. 

New derivatives of IP6 such as IP6-citrate and inositol pyrophosphates (IP7, IP8) have been synthesized and/or discovered. These mimic the functions of the parent molecule; and need to be investigated further.


——A.K.M. 山姆苏丁  美国马里兰大学医学院病理学教授


IP6可持续并可再生的抗癌功效十分显著,这一点在包括转移性和移植性肿瘤癌症的多种实验模型中得到证明; 肌醇的协同作用使这一功能大大增强。近年来的研究表明预防IP6和肌醇可防范辐射损伤。在人体上进行的初步研究表明,IP6 +肌醇能够提高常规化疗的抗癌效果,控制肿瘤转移,提高生活质量。 IP6还刺激胰腺β细胞里的胰岛素分泌,防止病理性钙化和肾结石的形成,降低升高的血清胆固醇,减少病理性血小板活性; 肌醇能够防止糖尿病并发症。IP6 +肌醇因而带来大量的健康益处,包括癌症的预防和治疗。此外,除了涉及纳米技术领域,IP6在许多工业中都得到应用。
新的IP6衍生物如 IP6柠檬酸和肌醇焦磷酸盐(IP7, IP8)已被合成和/或被发现。它们模拟母体分子的功能,需要进一步研究。